Business Investigations

The business and corporate arena is employing the help or private investigators more and more in recent years. The need to identify employee absenteeism, employee theft and injuries in the workplace is on the rise. The need to provide evidence to protect your clients, your business, assets and profits are vital above all else. Saving you thousands in the long run & in some cases saving the business entirely. Always use a trusted and transparent private investigation agency when taking steps to ensure the safety of your business. Our expert private investigators are available to help you today.



Are you certain your employees are doing exactly what they're meant to? Are they really where they safe they are? Reasons to investigate include:

  • An employee setting up a rival business in competition of your own, poaching your clients.

  • Employees stealing from your business such as products, goods and money.

  • Excessive spending on fuel resulting in loss of profits for your business.

  • Employee productivity and tracking time spent on non work related activities.


False time of work is on a rise in recent years, private investigators are being called upon more often that ever to investigate where employees really are when they are on sick leave and accepting sick pay. Depending on the size and culture of your business this could be costing you thousands. More information on false employee sickness can be found on our EMPLOYEE SICKNESS page however the most common reasons we find for employee absenteeism are:

  • Moonlighting (working for someone else or themselves).

  • Working for a competitor.

  • Setting up their own business or freelancing, poaching clients.

  • Bullying in the workplace that makes an employee feel the cannot attend.

  • To make a claim through insurance of a false injury.

These are a few example of the more common reasons we see however their is a whole world of issues as to why employees may not be attending when they should be. Once you have the evidence you need you can take steps to resolved these issues of through disciplinary routes to terminate an employees contract and reclaim fraudulently paid sick pay.

Is a business investigation for me?

Our private business investigators are experienced and well equipped to handle most scenarios. Our expert operatives can root out these false absentee employees and save your business thousands of pounds. Get in touch with us today, we will listen to your situation and can determine what services will be most cost effective to your business to deliver the results you need.