Cheating Wife or Girlfriend?

We have extensive experience helping women & men catch their cheating wife or girlfriend and provide admissible undeniable evidence of this. Our expert private investigators use proven methods &  techniques to gather solid evidence of a cheating partner or illicit affair. If your intuition is telling you something is up, results show in most cases that gut instinct is correct. Put an end to worry, loss of sleep and lack of appetite wondering what your girlfriend or wife is up to and get results now.


It's a horrible thought that the woman you are closest to could be having intimate experiences with someone else, we understand how hard this is and the stress, anxiety and feelings of crazy that come with it. Here we have some common signs to look out for which we have frequently seen in our investigations.



1. Sudden changes in appearance, is your girlfriend or wife suddenly using more makeup?

2. Her attitude towards you changes

3. She has become distant when you used to be so close

4. Guilty behaviour, does she not let you on her phone any more?

5. Secretive, unusual or unexplained behaviour

6. You never see her any more, she is always else where?

7. Frequently unavailable or unreachable, always in bad reception areas?

8. Your gut instinct tells you, something isn't right

9. Sex is different

10. Overly defensive


  • It is estimated that roughly 30% to 60% of all married individuals will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage.

  • Did you know that 82% of cheating partners do so in the weeks and months after childbirth?

  • 68% of women said they’d be content with having an affair if there was no chance of their current partner finding out.

  • Men are more likely to cheat than women. However, as women become more financially independent, they are beginning to act more like men with respect to infidelity.

  • Online dating is more popular than ever; the Internet has made it all to easy for people who are looking to start an affair. Tinder, Bumble, POF and a plethora of online dating apps make it easy for anyone looking to meet someone new. More than 10% of cheaters say they met the person they were hooking up with online.

How we catch your wife or girlfriend cheating?

We have years of experience catching even the most devious of cheaters, through tried, tested and proven methods we can gather the evidence you need to prove your girlfriend or wife has cheated or the peace of mind they are not. The most effective way for us to do this is to listen to your personal situation, this will identify to us what course of action is best for you. When we have established the need to carry out a cheating wife or girlfriend investigation we will get to work as soon as you want us too.

A cost effective and proven method is to deploy a vehicle tracker on your wife or girlfriends vehicle. This identifies common patterns and where they go. From there we can deploy a covert surveillance operative to follow your wife or girlfriend at likely times where they would be cheating.

Once the surveillance and investigation is complete and you have the answers you need, we will provide a compiled time and date stamped video of the surveillance conducted as well as an easy to read report of observations. You can then use this evidence to confront them with the truth or court proceedings should this be required in a divorce case.