Child Protection Investigations

Does handing your child over to your ex-partner destroy you inside? We can follow and record their every move. Our child protection services ensure the safety of all children and give the peace of mind that your children are receiving the correct care and environment they need. If you can't always be there and are concerned their caregivers are not up to scratch, or that a child protection order is in breach, we can gather the evidence you need to protect them.



More common these days than ever, family's across the world are split into different households, with parents sharing responsibility and custody of their children whilst separated. Their is always concern that your children are not being cared for just as much as you do whilst they are out of your sight. Perhaps through experience with your ex partner you know what they are like and capable of. You are concerned about how they are treated when with your ex. This includes carers, babysitters and anyone else that takes responsibility and guardian over your children.


We carry out covert surveillance and provide you with the footage of where your children are, who they are with and what they are doing. This has been described as a fly on the wall approach to gauge how your children are interacting with another guardian. We provide a true representation of their relationship giving you the peace of mind that they are safe and happy when they are away from you.

We can also show who else your children are interacting with, such as a new partner. This is key if a child protection order is already in place. You can use this evidence to protect your child and if necessary in custody hearings. We will gather evidence in the least intrusive way possible to ensure we do not upset your children and their privacy is protected. We always ensure your child's best interest is our top priority and the evidence we provide can be used in court.


Our child protection investigations are not just limited to little ones. Troubled teenagers are a major concern to parents every day. We can tell you who your teen is hanging around with, where they are and what they are doing there. This usually helps identify if a teenager is underage drinking, activity with illegal substances, criminal activities and the romantic meeting of older individuals.


One of the worst feelings as a parent is the thought of your child being targeted by bullies. Maybe you want to discover the identity of the bully to force the school or organisation to take appropriate steps. Ever story has two sides, but if you have evidence to back up your child's claims. We can help on the journey to or from school to fight against physical bullying and can identify who is targeting your child on social media or chat rooms.

When should you contact us?

If you have any concerns regarding the protection of your children, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will listen to your situation and can determine if a child protection investigation is right for you. If determined our services will be of benefit to you we can proceed in providing covert surveillance as soon as you want us too.