Cohabitation Investigation

In recent times cohabitation investigations have been used by landlords and local councils to determine if the alleged resident of a property is cohabitating with another person such as a partner breaching terms of an agreement. Illegally sub letting a property to an individual or family not specified in a tenancy agreement has been on a rise in recent years specifically in low income areas. Our private investigators can carry out a cohabitation investigation to provide the evidence or peace of mind you need for your property.



Cohabitation investigations tend to be carried out for several reasons. Lawyers and solicitors usually require this service to aid their client in post-divorce maintenance cases, in financial settlement cases and in child custody cases. We also provide this service to private clients who require this service for the same reason.

If you suspect that your ex husband or wife is cohabiting its far better to act on it sooner that later. The judge will want to see evidence gathered from several visits, once or twice is not enough. Also the longer time left in between the cohabitation surveillance the better this way the judge is more likely to accept that your ex partner is cohabiting. In divorce matters we tend to carry out the cohabitation investigations over a course of 2-3 weeks. We have had exceptional results from our cohabitation investigations as all of the evidence we gather is done so legally and is court admissible.

Local Authorities also often use cohabitation investigations to establish fraudulent benefit claims. Our cohabitation investigations can also be used by concerned landlords and letting agents if they suspect that a tenant of theirs is living with a third party who is not on the tenancy. We also have had a lot of cases recently where tenants take properties on long term lets and then sublet the whole property out to a third party. We also regularly take instructions from concerned ex partners who want to carry out cohabitation investigations to see whether their child is in fact living with their ex partners new partner without the other ex partner informing them.

When should you contact us?

If you are concerned in any way regarding cohabitation, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will listen to your situation and concerns to determine what surveillance services will benefit your case most. At the end of the investigation you will receive a cohabitation report along with a compiled time and date stamped video giving you all the evidence you need to proceed however you wish. All of the evidence we gather is admissible for court proceedings so get in touch today if you have any cohabitation concerns.