Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance and Anti Surveillance are terms used to describe the identification of surveillance being conducted and avoiding surveillance being carried out. This can be changing simple parts of your day to day activities such as routes, locations and routine. This makes it difficult for someone attempting to follow you much more difficult to anticipate your movements and succeed. You could also employ a counter surveillance specialist to shadow your movements to identify if a surveillance team is hot on your heals. Whatever your situation, if counter or anti surveillance practices could help you, get in touch.



We can deploy counter surveillance experts throughout West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the rest of the UK. We can detect the presence of surveillance teams and give you the knowledge if you are being watch, followed or observed by anyone else. Our counter surveillance operatives can identify if you are in danger and provide you with actionable evidence.


A majority of business clients of counter & anti surveillance measures are CEO's, Managing Directors and heads of departments who fears they are being stalked for their assets, intellectual property and having information gathered on them that may be used against them. Our anti surveillance experts can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to avoid, prevent and deter individuals or teams from gathering information on you or your company through very simple methods.

How can we help you?

Usually if a surveillance team is tracking you they will be using other forms of technical surveillance to track you such as GPS vehicle trackers so we can provide a bug sweep of your assets to ensure your activities are kept confidential without preying eyes. While we will not act as a body guard service, we can provide you with the evidence you need to identify if you are being followed and defence against this in the future, get in touch with us today.