Employee Sickness

False employee sickness or absenteeism is costing UK businesses around £5bn every year This is a serious issue that is more common that most people think. Employee Sickness investigations have been on a rise in recent years to which we have had vast experience in. If you suspect an employee of fraudulently claiming sick leave and sick pay or claiming sick leave whilst working for another company (to double profits). We can help through a covert employee sickness investigation.



Initially an employee sickness investigation will give you the facts of an employees claim. We will gather a pattern of life through video footage to give you a clear picture of the employees activity's and alleged sickness. This provides an insight into the true character of an employee, daily habits and what they are doing whilst on sick leave.

The evidence we gather allows your company to proceed in disciplinary actions, it will be in your hands to decide how this evidence is used depending on the severity of the footage recorded. Our evidence is irrefutable and gives you as the employer all of the facts whilst putting the employee on the back foot should wrong doing have been recorded. We have seen employees claiming sick leave and pay for over 6 months due to back injury, all whilst working for another company building and doing construction work doing all sorts of heavy lifting.


We reduce the unnecessary costs to your company, saving you money long term. Employees of a small business can run it into the ground with false sickness. We give you the tools to fight back and assist your legal team in disputing a claim, reaching a settlement or having it dismissed altogether. Paying someone a wage and not getting to work is costly to your business and you should not let this effect you any more.

When should you contact us?

We have to provide a cost effective solution to our clients, therefore you should definitely contact us if you are experiencing long term sickness claims, if your company is being sued for an injury in the workplace, sick days being taken when a holiday period was denied, sick days being taken around the time of an event that would be of interest to the employee.

Our covert private investigators will work tirelessly to gather the evidence you need of a false sickness claim and save your business thousands.