Employee Theft Investigation

Every year employee theft costs UK company's over £190m! Employee theft has a serious impact on ever business and it is essential to put a stop to it as soon as possible. The effects are obvious and employee theft results in loss of profits, limits the businesses chance of success and puts a strain on the company's future. There is no way to determine who is more likely to steal, however we can determine who did it.



Opportunistic thief

This type of employee thief is seemingly a good person, they may be hard working are arouse little to no suspicion. However given the opportunity they will jump at it. In most cases without thinking it through or the damages it may cause. In these cases it is important to identify how processes are being conducted to remove these opportunities from arising.

Disgruntled employee

This employee is most likely stealing due to feeling underpaid or undervalued in the workplace. No excuse at all but the thief takes from the company to make up for what they feel they deserve. In most cases this is something small, like products or cash.

Criminal theft

The worst type of thief. While all forms of stealing is criminal, these individuals will use their inside knowledge of a company's workings to plan and execute the theft of assets, money or information on a large scale. Employees have used networks of people to steal large quantities of fuel and lorry's full of goods.

How can we help your business?

Our private investigators carry expert experience in employee theft investigations in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and all over the UK. Each case faces its own challenges and we will utilise multiple methods of covert surveillance to gather the evidence you need in your employee theft investigation. Options available to you include:

  • Mobile surveillance - Following employees via vehicle wherever they go.

  • Static surveillance - Observing a specific location for a defined amount of time.

  • Covert & overt cameras - Placed within the workplace to deter or catch them in the act.

  • Test purchasing - Purchasing stolen goods undercover.

What is the end result?

When our investigation instructed by you is complete, you will be provided with an easy to read report of all observations and a compiled time and date stamped video of the activities to support disciplinary proceedings and even court hearings should that be required. If you want to put a stop to employee theft in your workplace and increase your profits and company success, get in touch with us today.