Frequently Asked Questions

While choosing to hire a Private Investigator can be a nervous process, rest assured we are not! You may have some questions so please see bellow for the more frequent ones we are asked.

How much does a Private Investigatior cost?

Costs of Private Investigation will cover expenses such as surveillance operatives alone or in a team of 2+ (as required), utilising the latest in high tech surveillance equipment. Vehicle tracking and covert hidden cameras. Please see our COSTS page for a breakdown of fees.

We will work with you to determine what services will be best to support your case and personal situation, every case is different and we will provide a bespoke package around your budget and goals. We will do our utmost best to keep the cost as low as possible and will never spend more money than is absolutely necessary.

How and when do I pay?

All private clients are required to pay a deposit or full fees upfront determined by what services are required, this ensures security between us and we can provide reports and evidence as soon as possible.

Corporate and legal clients deposit or invoices will vary based on case and services so please get in touch.

BACS / Bank Transfer is our accepted payment method for all Private and Corporate clients.

Is there any hidden fees?


Please see our COSTS page for a full breakdown of fees. Mileage is charged at 0.35p per mile. If during an investigation extra reasonable costs are incurred necessary to the investigation they will be invoiced to the client. For example this may include public transport and admission fees. All receipts will be given to you along with the final invoice.

Before an investigation is conducted all costs will be explained and do not hesitate to ask again if anything is unclear.

Is this legal?


The conduct of covert surveillance and investigations is completely legal, however strict rules must be adhered to by all our operatives ensuring compliance with various laws and legislation. All of our Specialist Operatives hold the relevant qualifications, registrations, licenses and experience to provide a completely legal service. Our lead operative is a Member of The Association of British Investigators and our values stem from this benchmark of professionalism. All evidence we obtain is legally and ethically obtain so it may be used in court if ever required.

So what actually happens?

Every case we undertake is different, however a generalised breakdown is: First contact is made by yourself to us, we then discuss the situation, what you would like to achieve, how you would like to achieve it and your budget considerations. If you would like to move forward a plan is formulated and the investigation is conducted. Dependent on the investigation we then produce a detailed easy to read report along with a compiled video of highlights from the surveillance conducted. Raw footage files will be held by us in the event they are needed in future for court proceedings for example.

During the investigation your case handler will be your direct point of contact. When updates are available they will be given to you as well as any queries from client or operative on the ground. On completion of the investigation you will receive a phone call explaining all what happened during the period of surveillance. This is then followed by the full reports and evidence being sent to you within 48 hours of the investigation completing subject to payments.


How will my data be stored and how long?

As data processors we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR). All data is stored safely and securely and is NEVER shared with any unnecessary third parties without consent. We hold all information related to a case for 6 months after investigation, after which is destroyed unless request has been made to hold for longer or destroy sooner.

White Rose Surveillance ICO registration number is: ZA795949

How will I be contacted?

We understand that discretion is key. It is completely up to you how and when you are contacted, this can be over the phone, email, text messaging, WhatsApp, time scheduled calls convenient for you, or even in person. The final report and evidence will be sent electronically via email or if required USB via postage with Royal Mail.

What information must I provide?

As a minimum requirement to ensure a successful investigation we kindly ask for: Name, age/DOB, photograph of the subject, vehicle details if any/other travel arrangements, current living address, work address if available and any other details that you feel may aid in the investigation such as work hours, meeting times, social schedule and plans for the day(s) of investigation.

Will you be there?

Our business is to see everything without being seen, this is the idea of covert surveillance. Though we will be in location to observe at the agreed upon times, however we will not be seen and this is paramount to a successful investigation. This will be backed up by photographic and video evidence. At the end of an investigation the report will show all evidence obtained and during long periods of no activity our operatives will take hourly "update shots" to prove observations were carried out.