Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud has been around for years and false injury claims is costing the insurance industry over £4m a day! Crash for cash is a common term in today's society and becoming an ever growing issue in insurance payouts. Some claims in the millions of pounds region, the fight against insurance fraud will forever continue. We can help you fight against insurance fraud and false injury claims and provide the evidence you need to reach a settlement of dismiss a claim completely.



The UK continues to see a huge growth of false insurance claims and associated claims fraud. It estimated 10% of all UK adults will submit a false/fraudulent insurance claim, and this figure is rising.

It's generally not possible for a claim to be rejected, just because it appears to be suspicious, or a case of possible insurance fraud. Hard evidence is needed. We are able to provide solutions to many suspected fraudulent insurance claims including (but not limited to):

  • Car accident and vehicle repair claims

  • Car accident personal injury claims

  • General personal injury claims

  • Health and medical claims

  • Disability and restricted ability claims

A professional insurance fraud investigation will assist you in understanding and proving fraudulent insurance claims.  Whether you are a company or private client - we are able to provide a personal, discreet, fully qualified and experienced service and deliver the results you require.


Whatever the issue, we can root out these false claimants, possibly saving you tens of thousands of pounds in compensation payments. We are not only able to provide hard evidence, but are also able to provide whiteness statements, and sworn statements of evidence where required. Evidence of lies and deception must be available, and is critical to prove that a fraudulent claim has been submitted. We have extensive experience, formal training and qualifications to investigate claims such as:

  • A totally false claim

  • Making the injury sound worse

  • Pretence at mobility problems

All of the video evidence we gather is done so by fully qualified, vetted and professional individuals working alone or in a team depending on the situation. You will receive a compiled time and date stamped edited video of the claimants activities as well as an easy to read report detailing the surveillance conducted to be presented in a settlement meeting. The evidence we gather is irrefutable which allows you to reach a more reasonable settlement reflective of the true nature of the claim or dismiss a claim all together.

How can we help you?

Every claim is different, thus every investigation is. However, investigating and catching out these false and fraudulent insurance claims is always the answer. We can provide for yourselves and a court an unbiased look into the claimants life, day to day activities and true reflection of the claim being made. For example, in previous cases of an individual claiming a back injury and unable to work. We provided a week long of evidence of the claimant working on a construction site do all sorts of bending and heavy lifting. We saved that claim and we can yours too, get in touch today.