Lancashire Private Investigator

Our centre for operations is located in Bradford West Yorkshire. From our northern based location we can rapidly deploy operatives into surrounding areas such as Lancashire. We guarantee the best prices for a local private investigation and will work closely with you to uncover the truth in your case. If you require a local private investigator in Lancashire and surrounding areas get in touch with us today. Let us provide the hard evidence you need for your case.



We are local private detectives and provide expertise in all areas of investigation. Our local private investigation detectives are well equipped to provide a wide range of surveillance and investigation services for domestic and business clients. All of the operatives we employ are fully vetted and qualified professionals with Military, Police, Security Service or other investigative backgrounds. We utilise some of the most advanced equipment available with a breadth of experience to ensure our clients receive professional results every time, discreetly and confidentially.


We have extensive experience helping women & men catch their cheating partner or spouse and provide admissible undeniable evidence of this. Our expert private investigators use proven methods &  techniques to gather solid evidence of a cheating partner or illicit affair. If your intuition is telling you something is up, results show in most cases that gut instinct is correct. Put an end to worry, loss of sleep and lack of appetite wondering what your boyfriend or husband is up to and get results now. We provide a fully discreet matrimonial and cheating partner investigation ensuring 100% confidentiality.



The business and corporate arena is employing the help or private investigators more and more in recent years. The need to identify employee absenteeism, employee theft and injuries in the workplace is on the rise. The need to provide evidence to protect your clients, your business, assets and profits are vital above all else. Saving you thousands in the long run & in some cases saving the business entirely. Always use a trusted and transparent private investigation agency when taking steps to ensure the safety of your business. Our expert private investigators are available to help you today.



Does handing your child over to your ex-partner destroy you inside? We can follow and record their every move. Our child protection services ensure the safety of all children and give the peace of mind that your children are receiving the correct care and environment they need. If you can't always be there and are concerned their caregivers are not up to scratch, or that a child protection order is in breach, we can gather the evidence you need to protect them.



In recent times cohabitation investigations have been used by landlords and local councils to determine if the alleged resident of a property is cohabitating with another person such as a partner breaching terms of an agreement. Illegally sub letting a property to an individual or family not specified in a tenancy agreement has been on a rise in recent years specifically in low income areas. Our private investigators can carry out a cohabitation investigation to provide the evidence or peace of mind you need for your property.



This is a specialist service that we provide to business and private clients. Drone surveillance has become more common in recent times in locations that will not allow a covert surveillance operative to enter or when the risk of compromise is very high. Recently UAV drone surveillance has been used in rural locations to identify fly tipping criminals and stolen farming equipment, providing a HD birds eye view of the activities that occur. Drone surveillance is also used in urban environments such as high rise buildings where activities are high above the ground and access to operatives is restricted. Drones are a fairly new concept to private investigation however they provide an unrivalled level of surveillance in scenarios that would be high risk or inaccessible to operatives. This expert service is much cheaper than you would expect, check out our PRICES page for more information on UAV Drone Surveillance.



Insurance fraud has been around for years and false injury claims is costing the insurance industry over £4m a day! Crash for cash is a common term in today's society and becoming an ever growing issue in insurance payouts. Some claims in the millions of pounds region, the fight against insurance fraud will forever continue. We can help you fight against insurance fraud and false injury claims and provide the evidence you need to reach a settlement of dismiss a claim completely.


Do I need Private Investigator in Lancashire?

The only way to determine if our services are right for your case is to get in touch with us and have an initial consultation. We will listen to you and discuss your situation, we can then determine what will be the most cost effective way to gather the evidence you need, discreetly and 100% confidential. Get in touch with us today and lay your mind to rest by getting the truth and hard evidence you need to support your case.