Usually the first question when deciding to contact a private investigator is "how much will it cost?". We offer a fully transparent service with very competitive pricing and no hidden fees! Every case is different however our prices remain the same and we will beat any legitimate local quote for the same level of services. We pride ourselves on being affordable for all clients looking for a private investigator in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield & Huddersfield. As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. Hire an amateur with minimal experience & equipment and you will pay double or even triple to get the results you require.

How much does Surveillance cost?

Manned surveillance is the primary investigation method employed by us to gather the evidence you need. We offer a very competitive price for covert surveillance to such a high standard and comes in 27% cheaper than most industry related rates.

  • £55 per hour - if less than 5 hours

  • Half day rate - £225 5 hours - £45 per hour

  • Full day rate - £400 10 hours - £40 per hour


What do you get for your money?

  •  Pre surveillance reconnaissance & research

  • Experienced operatives, highly trained experts

  • Fully detailed easy to read surveillance report

  • High definition video footage & pictures

  • Edited video of highlights from surveillance

  • Time and date stamped evidence (court admissible)

  • All original evidence (if required)

  • No travel time fees inside West Yorkshire 

The displayed prices are for 1 operative, each additional operative (if required) is £25 per hour and agreed upon before surveillance. Some cases will require 2 or more operatives to ensure results can be achieved. Mileage incurred whilst conducting surveillance is charged at £0.35p per mile from the start location of surveillance. If outside West Yorkshire travel too mileage will also be added at £0.35p per mile.

How much does Vehicle Tracking cost?

View live movement 24/7 and all location history of any vehicle, whenever you choose, right from your smartphone or computer. We offer very competitive prices for vehicle tracking to Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield & Huddersfield. Covering all of Yorkshire and surrounding areas such as Manchester and Lancashire.

  • 5 days - £250

  • 10 days - £350

  • Every 5 days extra - £100

What do you get for your money?

  •  Covert vehicle tracker hire

  • Access to live vehicle tracking technology 24/7

  • Unlimited tracking usage for duration

  • Covert fitment of device to vehicle

  • View from smartphone of computer

Mileage incurred whilst travelling to fit tracking device is charged at £0.35p per mile. This is only required when fitment is outside West Yorkshire.

How much does UAV Drone Surveillance cost?

UAV Drone Surveillance is a specialist service we provide, available to all clients. Operating within strict laws, legislation and registration with the Civil Aviation Authority. We can  provide aerial surveillance to get up to date imagery of almost any location such as high rise buildings and rural locations where traditional methods may not be achievable or high risk to an operative. The aerial surveillance packages we offer are:

  • £100 - Area reconnaissance - 1x battery (approximately 30 minutes)

  • £250 - Extended area sweep - 3x batteries (approximately 90 minutes)

What do you get for your money?

  •  Time and date stamped photos & video

  • Experienced & registered drone operator

  • No travel charges inside West Yorkshire

  • Up to date aerial imagery


Drones when operated by a professional can be an invaluable tool for investigation & surveillance purposes, perfect for locations and situations where physical surveillance is unachievable or high risk of compromise. Outside of West Yorkshire mileage to location of drone deployment is charged at 0.35p per mile.

How much does Private Investigation cost?

While choosing to hire a Private Investigator can be a nervous process, rest assured we are not!

We will work with you to determine what services will be best to support your case and personal situation, every case is different and we will provide a bespoke package around your budget and goals. We will do our utmost best to keep the cost as low as possible and will never spend more money than is absolutely necessary.

Costs of Private Investigation will cover expenses such as surveillance operatives alone or in a team of 2+ (as required), utilising the latest in high tech surveillance equipment. Vehicle tracking and covert hidden cameras.