Private Surveillance

Our expert surveillance operatives have carried out a variety of investigations in Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and all of the United Kingdom. We use expert and proven techniques acquired through advanced formal training and Military, Police or Security Service backgrounds. We use the latest in high tech covert surveillance equipment to provide professional results to all our clients discreet and confidentially. For any and all surveillance services get in touch with our covert private investigators today and let us gather the evidence you need to support your case.



In almost all cases we undertake, mobile surveillance is used. This is the process of private investigator surveillance operatives using vehicles to follow a subject wherever they go. This usually begins with a stakeout period, waiting for movement to be observed. Once the subject is on the move, so are we and we will obtain all HD footage and evidence whist discreetly following a subject as they go about their business. When the subject stops, we are there, ready to capture HD footage of their activities.


This method of surveillance is predominantly used in busy city's such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. This method is also used when on mobile surveillance and the subject goes out of foot to enter an establishment or participate in activities. This method allows operatives to get in close and capture HD video & listen in to conversations. This method is also used when the subject is known not to drive and walks or uses public transport to travel mostly.


Static surveillance is exactly what it says it is, in a location and watching without movement. You tell us where you want watched and for how long and we will provide the HD footage and easy to read report of everything that happened. Who went in, who came out, what vehicle did they get in/out of, what did they enter with, what did they leave with. Static surveillance is used greatly in cohabitation investigations over a longer period to gather to evidence to prove occupants of an address. Static surveillance is also used in rural locations to gather evidence of fly tipping and the theft of farming equipment.


This is a specialist service that we provide to business and private clients. Drone surveillance has become more common in recent times in locations that will not allow a covert surveillance operative to enter or when the risk of compromise is very high. Recently UAV drone surveillance has been used in rural locations to identify fly tipping criminals and stolen farming equipment, providing a HD birds eye view of the activities that occur. Drone surveillance is also used in urban environments such as high rise buildings where activities are high above the ground and access to operatives is restricted. Drones are a fairly new concept to private investigation however they provide an unrivalled level of surveillance in scenarios that would be high risk or inaccessible to operatives.

How can private surveillance help me?

At least one of these practices are almost always utilised in every single case we undertake, be it investigating a cheating wife or husband, co-habitation investigations through to insurance fraud and child protection. We always utilise tried, tested and proven methods of surveillance from years of experience, advanced formal training and backgrounds in the Military, Police or Security Service. We provide private surveillance to Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and all of the United Kingdom. Get in touch with us today if our surveillance methods can help uncover the truth you need.