UAV Drone Surveillance

Operating within the law and legislation surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, we offer a unique aerial photography capability that is not found with other investigation body's. Drones provide the ability to go where man cannot, where an operative may be at high risk of compromise. Perhaps you need an aerial view of a location to uncover hidden assets, what is happening on a boat or what goes on in that building site. Our covert drone operators will utilise advanced equipment in expert hands to provide an eye in the sky view of whatever you require, getting the evidence you need.



This is exactly what it says on the tin. Using Drone equipment to fly above a location or subject to gather HD footage and intelligence. Uncovering hidden assets and gaining a unique perspective of activities. Advanced drone capability allows our specialist drone operatives to deploy discreet unmanned aircraft above a location out of sight and sound, recording HD footage and gathering the evidence you need for your case.


This is a specialist service that we provide to business and private clients. Drone surveillance has become more common in recent times in locations that will not allow a covert surveillance operative to enter or when the risk of compromise is very high. Recently UAV drone surveillance has been used in rural locations to identify fly tipping criminals and stolen farming equipment, providing a HD birds eye view of the activities that occur. Drone surveillance is also used in urban environments such as high rise buildings where activities are high above the ground and access to operatives is restricted. Drones are a fairly new concept to private investigation however they provide an unrivalled level of surveillance in scenarios that would be high risk or inaccessible to operatives. This expert service is much cheaper than you would expect, check out our PRICES page for more information on UAV Drone Surveillance.

Do I need UAV Drone Surveillance?

The only way to determine if this service is right for you is to get in touch. We will listen to your situation and determine if UAV Drone Surveillance could be a cost effective way of gathering the evidence you need. This service is predominantly required in rural locations such as fly tipping and the theft of farming equipment, also to uncover assets that may be hidden within a premises. If you need an eye in the sky view or anything, please get in touch today and we can provide the most cost effective solution for you.